When you come to Care Advantage for your oral cancer therapies, you bring on board a team of cancer-care experts—the Care Advantage Chemotherapy Adherence and Prescription Education Support (CARxES) team—that is focused on enhancing the care of cancer patients.

Your CARxES team includes the following professionals:

Customer Service Representatives - ensure that you have the best experience with our pharmacy

Patient Access Coordinators - provide comprehensive support with your insurance coverage and verification, as well as help obtaining financial assistance when needed

Pharmacy Technicians - ensure that your prescriptions are processed with the utmost accuracy

Oncology Pharmacists - double-check the accuracy of each prescription, interact directly with you to ensure your understanding of your prescription, assess for potential drug interactions and adverse events, and communicate the requirements of drug administration

Oncology-Certified Nurses - follow up with you during the course of your treatment to answer questions and help you comply with your treatment

The CARxES team is totally focused on you. This means that you get:

  • access to specialized oncology expertise—helping you better understand and follow your treatment plans;
  • better outcomes due to your increased understanding;
  • counseling, assessment, and follow-up during treatment;
  • assistance with insurance coverage and billing; and
  • help obtaining financial assistance when needed.

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